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2014 Christmas Season Off to an Early and Impressive Start--American Christmas Tree Association Reports Significant Growth in Christmas Tree Sales

October 09, 2014

The American Christmas Tree Association, (ACTA), is reporting its members are seeing significant growth in the sale of Christmas trees compared to same time sales last year.

"Many retailers set up their stores Christmas displays much earlier this year in anticipation of the extra day of Christmas shopping in 2014," said Jami Warner, Executive Director of ACTA.

"While it doesn’t seem like one extra shopping day can have a measurable impact on the bottom line, we know that it really can be the difference maker in terms of holiday sales," added Warner.

Last month, the National Retail Federation reported that more than 20 percent of American’s had already begun Christmas shopping. And by Halloween, that number will swell to 40 percent.

According to a survey conducted by Nielsen at the end of last year’s Christmas season, more than 94 million American households, or 79 percent of all households, displayed a Christmas tree in their home.

This represents a slight increase overall in the number of households displaying a Christmas tree in 2013 year compared to the prior year. Of those trees, 80 percent were artificial Christmas trees and 20 percent were real Christmas trees.

The Nielsen survey also showed a 1.5 percent increase from 2012 in the number of real trees displayed and a one-half percent increase in the display of artificial trees.