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Christmas Tree Options Could Save Holiday Cash

With costs rising, wages falling, and unprecedented economic uncertainty, consumers must be nimble and look at many different ways to make their holiday dollars go further. One option for consumers who have always purchased a real Christmas tree may be to take at look at the potential savings from purchasing a reusable artificial Christmas trees. While the initial cash outlay for a good quality artificial tree may be a bit higher than a real tree, with many consumers keeping their artificial tree for 20 years or more, the savings can be significant. It’s just one of many holiday options to consider this season.

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Nationwide average cost of real Christmas tree, $41.50, National Christmas Tree Association, http://www.christmastree.org/statistics_consumer.cfm#retail
700 lights ?7 sets of 100 lights at $7, based on prices for medium-quality lights, such as
7?pre-lit artificial Christmas tree with 700 clear lights, Home Depot,


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