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Real vs. Artificial Trees—Really, There is no debate

Each Christmas season, there seems to be a lot of focus on the so-called "debate" over real vs. artificial Christmas trees. From ACTA’s standpoint, there is no debate. Consumers should feel free to choose either type of tree, or better yet, choose one or more of each! Both types of Christmas trees have very distinctive characteristics and a recent Life Cycle Analysis concluded that neither tree has a significant negative impact on the environment. It really comes down which kind of tree, or trees, best fits your lifestyle. The Christmas season should be a time of celebration, not a platform for debate. So if a Christmas tree is part of your holiday celebration, relax and celebrate with the Christmas tree of your choice.

To help clear things up, here are some straightforward answers to the most common tales. Maybe you’ve heard some of these or even had these very same thoughts yourself. Either way, it may be worth your time to read on:

Myth: Artificial trees aren’t part of Christmas tradition:
If your holiday traditions began before the 1960s, there’s a good chance you are right. However, a recent survey conducted by Nielsen indicated that more than 80 percent of American households with Christmas trees are celebrating with an artificial Christmas tree.


Myth: Artificial trees don’t look real:
It’s ironic. There are also people who say that artificial Christmas trees look "too perfect" to be real. In any case, many testify that their artificial trees appeal to even the most scrutinizing of relatives. Admittedly, artificial trees in the past looked nothing like the real thing, but now they appear like genuine Christmas trees. Advances in artificial-tree design have helped many obtain the "perfect tree" for the holidays – without looking "too perfect."

Myth: Artificial Christmas trees harm the environment:
This is the myth that does the most harm to the well-meaning, environmentally conscious consumer. In an effort to help promote the facts, a comprehensiveLife Cycle Analysis, conducted by PE International, studied the environmental impact of the average real and the average artificial Christmas tree. The study concluded that there was no significant environmental impact from the use of either an artificial or a real Christmas tree. Consumers should feel great about choosing either kind of tree and many consumers are choosing to display both kinds throughout their homes and in their outdoor Christmas displays. Now that’s the Christmas spirit.

Myth: Artificial Christmas trees don’t smell as nice:
On the surface, this is a fair point. But along with that fresh pine smell comes nearly 10 times the amount of mold normally found indoors. For those predisposed to allergies, this is no small matter. 
A study conducted by a researcher in Connecticut and presented to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology in Dallas shows that after two weeks of being indoors, a live Christmas tree emitted significant amounts of mold spores into the air. The truth is that fresh pine smell can be replaced with a special fresh pine scent and scented ornaments.


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