Facts About PVC

Artificial Christmas trees are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a durable and lightweight plastic used in numerous applications in today's world. As a raw material, PVC is used in water and sewage pipes and electrical lines. In housing, PVC can be found in sidings, floorings and furniture. Agricultural and industrial purposes include tents, greenhouse coverings, automobile parts and electrical appliances. Consumer products include food wraps, synthetic leather and stationary; and medical applications include IV bags, tubing and medication packaging. PVC is the plastic of choice for so many applications because it's cost-efficient, durable and fire-resistant, among other benefits.

Artificial Christmas trees utilize an extremely high quality PVC for the durability required to help an artificial tree last 20 or more years.

Artificial trees are made with PVC that is chemically and mechanically stable and does not affect human health. PVC is a perfectly safe plastic under normal conditions of use. From an environmental standpoint, PVC has excellent recyclable properties, allowing manufacturers of artificial trees to recycle scrap PVC right within their own factories. PVC also requires only 70 percent of the energy needed for production compared to other plastics. This translates into less carbon dioxide emissions, making it more environmentally friendly.


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