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A Tree for All

    A Christmas Tale: Made in America?

    Some believe that buying live Christmas trees instead of artificial trees is a little like buying American-made automobile instead of an import. " Real trees are grown in the U.S., and artificial trees are made overseas " or so they say. The truth is like many stories told during this season, it’s just another Christmas tale....read more»

    About Manufactured Christmas Trees

    Artificial Christmas trees are made of plastic, PVC specifically, that ensures the long life and durability of the trees. The chemical properties associated with plastics such as PVC provide a useful life of 20 years or more. As a result, artificial trees do not clog up the waste stream or recycling facilities on an annual basis. Although lives trees are biodegradable over time or recycled into mulch, the plastic and metal raw materials used to manufacture artificial trees are just as recyclable...read more»

    Most Popular Real Christmas Trees

    Here's a breakdown of popular evergreens suitable for use as cut Christmas trees, (excerpted from gardening.about.com): The first consideration when selecting a tree for Christmas is usually aesthetics. However, some evergreens hold up throughout the season better than others. Balsam Fir or Canaan Fir - It is usually the most reasonably priced and abundant cut tree. Dark green with a slight silvery cast... read more»

    Choosing Your Tree

    Do you know how to choose
    the best Christmas tree? Read
    our handy buyer's guide for tips to find your perfect tree!
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    Fire Safety

    Don't let fire destroy your family's holidays. Learn more about safety and your Christmas tree from fire safety experts.
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    Holiday Allergies

    Allergic to your Christmas tree? The holidays should bring you more than watery eyes and a stuffy nose.
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