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Christmas Trees Tips

    What to Look for in a Christmas Tree

    When it comes to making one of the most important purchases of the holiday season, consumers are faced with what can seem to be an overwhelming amount of choices. So here are some tips that will help you make your decision and enjoy your holidays:

    When considering a live tree, ask yourself these questions...read more»

    Merry "guilt-free" Christmas

    Christmas and anxiety often go hand in hand. Between the gift buying, house and tree decorating, and cooking for friends and family, it's no wonder that the holiday season brings a side of ulcer along with that honey baked ham. Why not make it easy on yourself this upcoming Christmas. We¹ve compiled some tips and tricks to make your holiday cheer stay bright while tackling that growing to-do list....read more»

    Choosing the best Christmas trees

    With so many options and a limited amount of time before those jingle bells start ringing, it's no wonder finding that perfect Christmas tree for your holiday setting as become more of a chore than a joy. So we've compiled some things to consider when shopping for your next tree and some helpful hints to get you through the selection process.....read more»

    Merry "themed" Christmas

    Everyone loves a good theme party. So why not introduce the fun of "theming" to your next Christmas? Although Christmas in itself is a theme that is easy to work with, layering on an additional theme can give you focus and unity in your Christmas decor shopping....read more»


    Save Your Sanity This Holiday Season

    The shopping, the wrapping, the insane lines to meet Santa at the mall – they’re all part of the holiday picture. But imagine if you could delete parts of the picture of holiday chaos and find some relief.

    It may not be possible to eliminate all the mayhem and chaos around Christmas, but it is possible to simplify. What could take hours to select, erect, decorate, and care for ....read more»

    Decorating Your Christmas Tree

    Many homeowners have a certain style and look they’re going for when decorating their home for the holidays. Whether that style is old-fashioned or modern, there are numerous Christmas trees to choose from to ring in the holidays. What you’ll get with an artificial tree is a beautiful, flawless tree that will be part of your decorating plans for holidays to come, so it’s important to choose a tree that works with your decorations and...read more»

    It Really is the Economy

    Financial experts recommend that cost-conscious families buy reusable goods. They may cost a bit extra initially, but the savings over time can be substantial.
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