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Christmas Trees & Safety

    Christmas Trees and Fire Safety

    Make sure your home is fire safe for the holidays starting with your Christmas tree. Both artificial and live Christmas trees can be fire hazards if placed near open flames, such as fireplaces, or candles....read more»


    Let's Be Careful Out There

    Fire or child safety is probably the last thing you want to worry about during the holidays. But the fact is when live Christmas trees catch fire, they are likely to be serious. On average, one of every 15 reported fires that began with a Christmas tree resulted in death....read more»

    Your Pets & Your Christmas Tree

    Although beautiful and cheerful in the home, your decorated Christmas tree is a waiting hazard for domestic pets both big and small. Items such as sparkly tinsel, dangly garlands, sharp glass ornaments and artificial snow, while lovely to admire, can be dangerous gateways for pet accidents. Make sure to place larger and less "tempting" ornaments near your tree base, while the smaller, more fragile items are a safe bet at the top. If ingested, your holiday decorations can choke your special critter causing air flow blockage and suffocation. Pay special attention to your smallest of pets when around such hanging and delicate tree decor.....read more»

    Allergic to the Holidays? Maybe It's Your Tree...

    Winter holidays are meant to be joyous, but for many, the season can present endless work and worries. And to further complicate matters, that live Christmas tree in the living room can even cause allergies.

    Indeed, incessant sneezing is no way to spend the holidays, but live Christmas trees are known to often carry microscopic mold spores that can trigger allergy symptoms including...read more»

    Help Your Pocketbook During the Holidays

    The pressure to spend money during the holidays is intense, even when difficult economic conditions are swirling about.
    read more»