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Christmas Trees & Your Health

    Are You Allergic to Your Christmas Tree?

    Do you find yourself constantly reaching for a tissue during the holiday season? Your coughing and sneezing may not just be symptoms of a winter cold ?they could be a sign of "Christmas Tree Syndrome."
    According to Dr. Manny Alvarez for FOX News, there are documented cases of people who suffer allergic reactions to their Christmas trees. Certain molds that are prevalent in conifer trees can irritate people who suffer from those allergies....read more»

    Allergic to the Holidays?

    Winter holidays are meant to be joyous, but for many, the season can present endless work and worries. And to further complicate matters, that live Christmas tree in the living room can even cause allergies.

    Indeed, incessant sneezing is no way to spend the holidays, but live Christmas trees are known to often carry microscopic mold spores that can trigger allergy symptoms including...read more»

    Happy Holidays and Pass the Kleenex?

    Have your allergies or asthma acted up around the holidays? Do you have to remove yourself from decorating a Christmas tree because of excessive sneezing, swollen eyes or runny nose? You may be allergic to that live pine tree you just brought home.

    For years people believed that a freshly cut Christmas tree worsened allergy symptoms, but wasn’t sure if it was pollen, mold spores or simply the strong odors emitted from the tree...read more»


    Tips for a Sniffle-Free Holiday

    While the holidays are a time for rejoicing, for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, it can also be a time to take some simple precautions that will lessen allergy symptoms.

    According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), the indoor environment during the holidays can be especially challenging. Dust, pollen, fireplace smoke and allergies to some indoor plants and trees can cause irritation.read more»

    Allergies & Christmas trees

    If you find yourself with a constant sneeze, a runny nose and watering eyes this holiday season, it may be time for you to identify your Christmas tree as the possible allergen. Both real and artificial trees can present allergy concerns in the home, but live trees can be a trigger for allergic reactions.

    How does this happen? Well, the live trees you find at the tree farms spend their formative years in the great outdoors, giving them plenty of opportunity to gather various irritants such as air born pollens, herbicides, fertilizers and molds that stick to the trees¹ needles and bark....read more»

    Choosing Your Tree

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    the best Christmas tree? Read
    our handy buyer's guide for tips to find your perfect tree!
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    Fire Safety

    Don't let fire destroy your family's holidays. Learn more about safety and your Christmas tree from fire safety experts.
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    Holiday Allergies

    Allergic to your Christmas tree? The holidays should bring you more than watery eyes and a stuffy nose.
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