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Investing In A Christmas Tree

    Bet You Can’t Just Buy One...Christmas Tree

    Gone are the days when consumers were content with celebrating the holidays with just one Christmas tree as their festive focal point. Increasingly, consumers are choosing to purchase multiple Christmas trees, both real and artificial, to decorate more than one room in their home as well as their outdoor spaces.... read more»

    Economy: Christmas trees for every budget

    Don't let the teetering economy get you down this holiday season. These days, we are all feeling the financial crunch, but it doesn't mean we have to let it affect our Christmas spirit. With the cost of everything going up it's more important than ever to do your homework before you slap down your hard earned cash....read more»

    Is Buying a Tree Online Right For You

    You can now shop for and buy a Christmas tree of any kind online with only a few key strokes – and more than 300,000 people shop this way every year. A Christmas tree bought online can cost a bit more but will save you valuable holiday time and can help you avoid crowded lots and retail locations. It is especially handy to gift ....read more»

    Christmas Tree Options Could Save Holiday Cash

    With costs rising, wages falling, and unprecedented economic uncertainty, consumers are forced to spend their money in much different ways. This holiday season the facts are clear--artificial Christmas trees save real money over the annual purchase of real Christmas trees.  Based on a ten year analysis, the purchase of a single pre-lit artificial Christmas tree costs 70 percent less than the purchase of 10 real...read more»

    A Christmas Tree for Any Budget

    Most consumers are looking at every opportunity to save or cut their costs, especially around the holidays. The good news is that there is a Christmas tree, be it real or artificial, for every budget.

    Many say that it’s just not Christmas until they choose and cut their own tree, but most consumers find their holiday trees at one of the major retailers which stock both real and artificial trees in all shapes and sizes......read more»

    Help Your Pocketbook During the Holidays

    The pressure to spend money during the holidays is intense, even when difficult economic conditions are swirling about. One way to minimize stress during the holidays and save a few dollars in the long run is to incorporate holiday-related decorations into your celebration that are reusable.

    Indeed, financial experts are recommending that cost conscious families consider buying goods that can be reused season after season.They may cost a bit extra initially, but...read more»

    Choosing Your Tree

    Do you know how to choose
    the best Christmas tree? Read
    our handy buyer's guide for tips to find your perfect tree!
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    Fire Safety

    Don't let fire destroy your family's holidays. Learn more about safety and your Christmas tree from fire safety experts.
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    Holiday Allergies

    Allergic to your Christmas tree? The holidays should bring you more than watery eyes and a stuffy nose.
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