2021 Trend Alert: Consumers are making the most of their 2021 Christmas trees by thinking outside the box

2021 Trend Alert: Consumers are making the most of their 2021 Christmas trees by thinking outside the box

Whether consumers are looking for a live or artificial Christmas tree this season, media, trade, and retail organizations have echoed the same recommendation across the board: consumers should find and buy their Christmas trees early this year.

With extreme weather conditions in the Pacific Northwest and supply chain issues throughout the U.S. impacting availability, consumers who delay their tree purchase will face limited selection and fewer options than in years past.

As the year progresses, the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) continues to recommend that consumers purchase their tree as early as possible this year. Fortunately, 2021 decorating trends are geared towards early Christmas tree purchases, with major media outlets across the country reporting a new trend: Halloween and Thanksgiving trees.

“For consumers looking to get the most out of their Christmas tree in 2021, we encourage them to think outside of the box and consider using their tree for more than just Christmas,” said Jami Warner, ACTA Executive Director. “Buying a Christmas tree early doesn’t mean it has to sit in the garage, or sit undecorated until after Thanksgiving. A Halloween or Thanksgiving tree is a great way for consumers to get into the festive spirit this year.”

Read on for a round-up of Halloween and Thanksgiving tree décor tips:

  1. “In case you didn’t know, Halloween trees are totally a thing now. Halloween superfans are pulling out their Christmas trees earlier than usual, and swapping out traditional red and green décor for cobwebs, flickering lights, orange and black garland, fake blood, and of course, ornaments.” Read more: I’m Getting a Tree This Halloween Just So I can Hang These Halloween-Themed Ornaments, PopSugar
  1. “This October’s biggest (and scariest!) décor trend is Halloween trees. All over Instagram, orange, black, and even purple Halloween trees have been creeping up. Some Halloween-themed trees are even yellow, orange, and white to resemble everyone’s favorite October 31 treat: candy corn!” Read more: Orange Halloween Trees Are This October’s Spookiest Décor Trend! Parade
  1. “With Halloween quickly approaching, people are finding festive ways to get into the holiday spirit. Among the hot trends this year are creatively decorated Halloween trees.” Read more: Halloween Trees are a Boo-tiful Way to Get in the Holiday SpiritGood Morning America
  1. “If you’ve seen the Halloween Christmas trees and Christmas trees decorated for fall that are all over Instagram lately, Thanksgiving trees are the same idea—basically, it’s just an artificial Christmas tree decorated for the harvest season rather than decked out in red and green. Right now, there are about 3,800 Instagram posts tagged under #thanksgivingtree, and it seems people are skipping Halloween altogether this year because we’re already seeing these festive Thanksgiving trees trending.” Read more: These Thanksgiving Trees Will Make You Want to Get Your Tree Up Now, Better Homes & Gardens