Why Have Just One Christmas Tree, When You Can Have More?

Why Have Just One Christmas Tree, When You Can Have More?

Gone are the days when consumers were content with celebrating the holidays with just one Christmas tree as their festive focal point. Increasingly, consumers are choosing to purchase multiple Christmas trees, both real and artificial, to decorate one or more rooms in their home, as well as outdoor spaces such as driveways, lawns, and backyards.

Consumer trends show that multi-tree holiday households are becoming more common.

According to the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA), the trend this season will find many consumers choosing different sizes, shapes and colors of Christmas trees, both traditional and non-traditional, as more than a place to put the Christmas gifts. “We’re finding that the many Christmas tree options available to consumers today are being utilized more and more as holiday decorative accents, such as wreaths, swags and garlands,” said Jami Warner, Executive Director of the American Christmas Tree Association.

“The two-plus tree household is evidence that the family Christmas tree has evolved into a design feature, both indoor and out, rather than the main traditional decoration during the holiday season,” added Warner.

“Because Christmas trees are available in so many different styles that can fit into any space and any budget, there’s really no obstacle to buying a different Christmas tree for every room in the house, as well as the front and back yards,” said Warner.

Leading retailers have reported their customers are tending to buy more than one tree, with their research suggesting that a second, smaller one is often bought specifically for children’s bedrooms or play areas, giving parents and their children an opportunity to each express themselves during the holidays in their own style.

Also, some Christmas travelers are taking their trees on the road. “Last season we also saw an increase in the number of consumers who bought one kind of Christmas tree for use in their home, and a second tree that made it easier to transport and use at their holiday destination,” Warner added.

For consumers that are considering taking the multiple Christmas tree approach, but are hesitant about cost, there are a number of options for bringing the total price down. Instead of purchasing two large trees, instead try buying one large tree, and one smaller accent tree. Or, invest in one or more artificial trees that can be used again and again in future.