Christmas Trees Plentiful Nationwide

Christmas Trees Plentiful Nationwide

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Christmas Trees Plentiful Nationwide

American Christmas Tree Association Says There’s a Christmas Tree Out There for Everyone

CALIFORNIA – Despite the many reports of shortages of cut Christmas trees across the country, the Christmas tree market is strong and consumers will have no problem finding the perfect tree for their Christmas holiday celebrations, according to the American Christmas Tree Association.

While some Christmas tree growers are reporting smaller yields this season, and therefore less inventory available to consumers looking for a cut tree, there are many other choices and options out there for Christmas tree shoppers.

“There is no shortage of Christmas tree options for consumers,” said Jami Warner, Executive Director of the American Christmas Tree Association. “Just look at the inventory of choices at any of the larger retailers, for instance, which are filled with beautiful realistic and colorful Christmas trees in all sizes, shapes, colors and price points,” she said.

For those who prefer a cut tree, Warner recommends consumers pick up their tree while the supply lasts.

“We truly believe that there is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing a Christmas tree for your family,” Warner said. “The environmental impact of either a real or an artificial tree is negligible, especially compared to driving a car, something we all do every day,” said Warner. “Go out there and find the Christmas tree, or trees, that best fits your lifestyle and preference,” she said.

“Family traditions and memories can be made with any type of Christmas tree,” Warner added.


The American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help families create holiday memories and establish new traditions by choosing the perfect Christmas tree. Visit us online: