Most American Households Will Celebrate Christmas With A Christmas Tree

Most American Households Will Celebrate Christmas With A Christmas Tree

More than 94 million American households, or 79 percent of all households, will display a Christmas tree in their home this holiday season, according to a survey conducted by Nielsen on behalf of the American Christmas Tree Association, (ACTA).

This represents a slight increase overall in the number of households displaying a Christmas tree this year compared to last year. Of those trees, 80 percent will be artificial trees and 20 percent will be real.

Specifically, the survey showed a 1.5 percent increase from last year in the number of real trees that will be displayed and a one-half percent increase in the display of artificial trees.

“We are thrilled that more Americans are enjoying the holidays with a Christmas tree as the center of their celebration,” said Jami Warner, Executive Director of ACTA. “There are so many beautiful Christmas tree options for consumers to choose from, both real and artificial,” Warner said.

For those households displaying artificial trees, just over half (55 percent) say they plan to display the tree they purchased for at least 10 years.

Nielsen polled nearly 20,000 households for the survey.

Other key findings included:

  • The average price consumers will pay for a real Christmas tree is $44.11
  • Artificial tree purchasers will spend an average of $79.00
  • Those who display artificial trees are more likely to display more than one tree

Methodology: American Christmas Tree Association calculation based in part on data reported by Nielsen through its PanelViews Survey service, sourced from the Omnibus survey sent to a representative subset of households on the Homescan Panel based on the total US market; results are projected to represent total US households. The findings referenced are from the survey fielded from October 31 – December 2, 2013.