New Technology Makes for a Brighter and Easier Christmas

New Technology Makes for a Brighter and Easier Christmas

New Technology Enhances Christmas Decor: American Christmas Tree Association Points to New Holiday Technologies for an Easier and Brighter Christmas

Festoon your house and yard with a colorful array of laser Christmas lights, set up your Christmas tree with LED lights that alternate from clear to multi-colored at a press of a button and create beautiful bows in minutes–these are just a few examples of how easy and fast families can begin enjoying Christmas 2013.

Anyone can decorate their home like a pro this Christmas with innovative, time-saving upgrades in technology to LED lighting, Christmas trees and even bows and wreaths.

“In response to consumer demands for easier, faster and less stressful ways to enjoy the holiday season, the Christmas tree, Christmas lighting and Christmas décor industry have developed some great new products for this Christmas designed to create a truly memorable celebration of Christmas with truly minimal effort,” said Jami Warner, Executive Director of the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA).

“For example, there are several new styles of artificial Christmas trees on the market where the power connection is in the pole. This great new technology makes pre-lit trees even easier to assemble and eliminates the need to connect each light string manually – simply assemble the tree sections then plug into a wall socket for a brilliant holiday display,” said Warner.

Additionally, there are products on the market that simplify decorative bows and wreaths so that they look like they were designed by a pro. And laser lights that can simply be plugged in outside of your home with as much wow factor as elaborate displays that take all day to install, Warner added.

“All of these new holiday decorative items can be purchased at major retailers or online and were designed to help families enjoy the most important aspect of the holiday season, quality time with their families and friends,” she said.