Try a “Themed” Christmas Celebration This Year!

Try a “Themed” Christmas Celebration This Year!

Everyone loves a good theme party. So why not introduce the fun of “theming” to your next Christmas? Although Christmas in itself is a theme that is easy to work with, layering on an additional theme can give you focus and unity in your Christmas decor shopping.

There are a wealth of unique Christmas themes to choose from!

From choosing a specific color for your Christmas tree and Christmas decorations, to selecting your favorite sports team, the options are endless. If you’re totally clueless about where to begin in picking a theme for your next holiday season, think about all of your favorite hobbies and see if you can turn one of them into a theme. Love music? Why not convert that love into a theme. Decorate your tree with musical note ornaments and use old CD’s to make a funky shiny garland. Pet fanatic? Pet themed decorations can include chew toys, cute stuffed animals and snap shots of your furry friend in mini frames.

Even if it’s just your tree you choose to decorate in theme, get creative with ornaments, lights and garlands. Find furniture miniatures at a toy store, attach a thread to them, and loop around your branches to make a “tree house.” It’s easy to make anything into an ornament with some hooks and bows, so let your ideas flow. For starters, think about all your interests, make a list and pick one that you think you could really elaborate or showcase on a tree.

Theme parties or themed décor has never been a new thing, but a themed Christmas? Don’t second guess it. We guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun with this now and holiday seasons to come.